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We have always been told about how water is the most accessible resource. No doubt that is true. It’s nature’s best gift to mankind, a source of survival and a way of life for all living organisms. Humans need water just as much as plants do. Even the ecosystems rely on water.

But what happens when we humans think about doubling the convenience? “Drink water from the tap!”

Admittedly, we have all had days where we’d be unwinding after a long day, and whilst heading to freshen up our faces, we consume a bit of water running down our faces.

Well, it’s water. We drink water anyways, right? “It can’t be too much of a big deal to drink tap water.”



How about the consequences? Let’s take that into account?

Sure, water is what keeps us alive. But what flows through your unpurified, tap water may be what damages your health. We have always been warned about how dangerous the presence of unknown and potentially life threatening elements are contained in water. “Lead in water can kill you!”  

But that isn’t the only element you should be worried of! With many more elements present in water for you to worry about, research that has been carried out shows just how harmful these elements can be!

About 8 cups of unclean water may seem unlike a very big of a deal. But an on-going, everyday situation such as this may cause long term health effects, such as lead poisoning.  

Here are 3 of the most poisonous and common elements found in your tap water:


  • Mercury.

    Something as harmless sounding as mercury, a natural occuring element present in our waters may actually be the culprit. It’s nature of high toxicity can result in frequent headaches, which may trigger permanent brain damage and cognitive disabilities. We wouldn’t want that in the unpurified water we drink, do we?

  • Arsenic.

    Used in daily industrial activities, it’s environmental disposal may cause leakages into our water systems. Without proper filtration and purification, the consumption of arsenic contained water can cause vomiting, which leads to abdominal pain and death. Black-foot disease, in which the foot of an individual experiences extreme blood clots, can occur as a result of arsenic poisoning.

  • Dioxins.

    This may seem very unlikely to cross our minds. But have we ever thought of what goes on even in the air around us? Water cycles are a huge system involving many other factors other than the source of water familiar to mankind. Precipitation from the sky, evaporation from the wet surface of even a small table with spilled contaminated water can cause a potential list of harmful diseases.

    Dioxins are a great example. Released in the air during combustion, they settle in the environment, creating a series of destruction in the water source. Polluted water systems are a result of unfiltered dioxins released into the air. With research done by International Agency of Research of Cancer, dioxins are now categorized as carcinogenic. Carcinogenic gases are responsible for about 4 million deaths a year.


Many of us are under the impression that boiling water at above a 100 degrees can eliminate these toxins and harmful elements.


Studies have shown that boiling organisms does KILL them, but does not REMOVE harmful compounds, chemical elements, metals and salts entirely from the water source in which you are drinking from. Poor water systems present in your area can affect your health and those around you.


Take the first step to investing in a good water purifier and at home filtration system. Constant filtration of water can ensure that even the smallest 0.01 Micron sized elements are filtered out of your water completely, making it clean and safe for consumption STRAIGHT FROM YOUR TAP. It’s convenience, health and accessibility all packed in one. Installation of a home water purification system does not require much effort, and with the impacts and benefits shown for a long term duration, it is definitely worth the investment and the increase of avoidable hospital bills.  

Starting a healthy lifestyle can be made easy in the things used in everyday life. The daily consumption of water can be made the key importance to kick starting a healthy lifestyle for you, your family and those around you today.

Say no to unpurified water. Say no to bad health effects.

Say yes to purified water. Say yes to drinking water from your purified tap water today!

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