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Edible Hydration? Foods with the highest water content!

We have all been told to drink ample amounts of water daily to meet our hydrational and our metabolic needs. At least 2 litres or an equivalent of 8 tall glasses a day does justice to meet our nourishment, metabolic and body health needs. The importance of water can be seen with individuals who decide to go on a ‘detox’ or ‘cleanse’ of the body, whilst drinking water or juices consistently to flush out any unwanted toxins and metabolic waste in the body.


And it’s totally understandable now on how people take water for granted. Water is used in so many everyday life activities such as cleaning the house, washing clothes, watering the plants, and even in recreational areas such as water parks and attractions.

But with that being said, are we as individuals getting enough water in our systems? Bare in mind that we go through metabolic excretion processes, which discharges water out of our system every now and then. Hence, constant hydration is more than important for us to take into consideration.

Have we ever wondered about the foods we eat? Do, or will they be able to suffice the lack of water content in our bodies?

Firstly, high water content foods are categorized into 2 primary blocks.

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables

Here are some foods that have high water content that you can supplement your minimum water requirements and needs throughout the day!



Having known for it’s high antioxidant capacity, watermelons are also a delicious,juicy source of hydration in our systems. Containing about 92% of water, this compact fruit packs in all the Vitamins you need, such as Vitamin C, while ensuring the combat of formation of cancer-causing free radicals. What’s better is that watermelons are the helpers to balance out fluids in your cells. Failure for the body to balance of cell fluids can lead to severe cramping and muscle pains. Watermelon serves as a rightful judge for this one!




Showcasing the amazing healing benefits for the skin and body, strawberries carry with it about 92% of water, ensuring the juicy crunch and watery sensation every time you bite down into a strawberry! It’s filled with antioxidants that will benefit the health of your heart by lowering blood pressure! Now that’s a 2 in 1; get the hydration you need through the munch of a superfruit while having it protect you all around! Wellness starts with a bite of a strawberry!


Rhyming with “great fruit”, grapefruits serve as a powerful nutrition booster. Protecting the heart while providing your body with sufficient fibre, potassium and lycopene, it’s ensured to cover you from head to toe. Fresh red grapefruits are also proven to positively influence blood lipid levels. This further enhances a healthy weight loss for those who need it! Grapefruits are nutrient packed, enabling it to target areas that require more nutrients, while ensuring you are able to cut down some of the unnecessary weight carried around your bodies! A vitamin C filled fruit, shielding you from harmful bacteria and viruses with it’s packed vitamins!


Potassium and fibre-ful, bananas serve as a great breakfast snack. Such a delicious tasting fruit containing 74% of water, it is safe to bet that bananas are indeed a great mood booster.  Bananas can also be used as a substitute for puree, or yoghurt and smoothie bowls for a thicker and much filling consistency. A preppy, filling breakfast with bananas has never been made easier! Just blend up to 2 or 3 bananas, and you have yourself a high water content breakfast and a fulfilled appetite. Now that’s hydration!




Refreshing and cooling, cucumber serves as one of the highest water content foods of 96% of water! Cucumber can not only be used for consumption, but also as a facemask or eyemask for many of us who love to unwind down after a long day. Its anti-aging skin properties as well as healing and strengthening connective tissues ensures cucumbers are just the daily essential food to be munching on throughout your day! Oh, and a long day under the sun that caused you a sunburn can be easily cured with cucumbers! Hydration on the inside and out!



Containing almost 80% of water, potatoes serve as a gluten-free, nutritious food that keeps your tummy filled. The water content in potatoes carries Vitamin C, potassium and Vitamin B6 with it as well! Homemade dishes can be spiced up with simply using potatoes.


Now that we all know how beneficial it is to have these healthy foods in mind when we think of hydration other than water, we should all work towards a healthier lifestyle for our system! There’s no better feeling that knowing you’ve done the best for your body through enough hydration!

So remember, 8 glasses of water a day topped with nutritious high water content foods should always be the main priority! Your body will thank you later!

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