Smart Chef Appliances

Aqua Kent Home appliances

Smart Chef

Noodle & Pasta Maker

Easily Make tasty and healthy home-made noodle and pasta at home within 10 minutes with customized flavours

-RM 599

Cold Pressed Juicer

-An ideal Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juicer to help you prepare healthy and tasty juices at home without losing the nutrients and fibers.
– Easy to use

-RM 750

KENT Turbo Grinder & Blender With Preset Menu And Heating Function.

– A revolutionary kitchen appliance with high speed operation that helps in preparing fresh beverages and food within minutes.

-RM 750

KENT High Suction Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

– A revolutionary cleaning tool that uses advanced cyclonic technology for dust collection

-RM 599

Kent 3.5L Alkaline Water System Pitcher Filtration With Filter Included

– High Capacity Pitcher provide chemical free water with balanced pH Level upto pH8.5 for better health.

-RM 250

Bread Maker

– An innovative product that helps you knead wheat or make breads within minutes without any hassle.

-RM 549

Kent Ozone Food Vegetable Fruit Detoxifier & Purifier

-Revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology removes pathogens from fruits, vegetables and meat.

-RM 469