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Bottled Water Dispenser

Aqua Kent’s Water Dispenser provides piped-in or bottle type rentals for offices or homes. Never worry about drinking water shortages with piped-in water dispensers like Aqua Kent. This bottle-free method seamlessly connects to your existing water supply though our certified technicians. Delivering clean and crisp tasting water on demand, whether hot or cold.

Aqua Kent’s strives to meet the needs of your workplace. Our water experts provide the best advice and support to match your local water conditions. After a clean and seamless installation, Aqua Kent schedules regular quality assurance services to ensure your water dispensers are operating at its best. This ensures the sanitation and appearance of water coolers to deliver refreshing and purified water.

Our flexible water delivery specializes in home and office services. So contact us today at 03-40322580 for hassle-free deliveries to your location!