Water Purifiers

All of Aqua Kent’s RO water purifiers are based on patented Mineral RO Technology. It removes even dissolved impurities and retains essential minerals giving you 100% pure and safe drinking water. Thus, making it suitable for households, schools, and offices.

Fully Stainless Steel Water Coolers

KENT’s Steel Water Coolers are floor-standing models with a high capacity of 5 liters. It dispenses cold and normal temperature controlled water. With fast compressor cooling, it’s suitable for heavy duty commercial and industrial use, as well as public areas outdoors.

Bottled Water Dispenser

Clean and seamless installation for offices whenever you need it. Aqua KENT Bottle-Free (piped-in) water dispensers deliver refreshing water on demand. Our experts provide the best advice and support to ensure quality service and sanitation. Contact us for a professional installation or for more information.

Water Dispensers

Aqua Kent’s water dispensers come with built-in water filters and direct piping system. This allows users to enjoy fresh and safe drinking water at a push of the button. Popular in Malaysia, it’s hassle-free suitable for homes, offices, showrooms, clinics, and other institutions. Choose from our wide selection of direct piping filter types or bottle dispensers.

Commercial Water Systems

Utilizing all water purification technologies and techniques currently available, we have the capability to provide you with a custom solution to your specific water purification requirements. Aqua Kent is backed by the experience and expertise of seasoned consultants and specialist partners.

Outdoor Water Filtration System

Aqua Kent’s selection of water filter systems efficiently purifies tap water supply to your home. No more hard water taste, but filtered soft and pure water. Enjoy clean and fresh water for your entire home! From showering to washing clothes, Aqua Kent Outdoor Water Filtration System is perfect for residential and commercial purposes.

Under Counter Kitchen Sink Water Filter Systems

Having space constraints? Check out Aqua Kent’s Under-The-Counter options for perfect filtered water. Each built with patented Mineral RO Technology to destroy bacteria and remove dissolved impurities.

Air Purifiers

Aqua Kent air purifiers efficiently removes 99% of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and small particles in your surroundings. Using Japan’s HEPA technology and Ozone Disinfection technology, say hello to fresh odorless air at anywhere, anytime.

Vegetable And Fruit Purifiers

Aqua Kent uses Ozone Disinfection technology to cleanse toxins on the surface of vegetables, fruits and meat. Preventing you from ingesting harmful chemicals that could be present in food. Choose from our sleek and modern range that’s perfect for any health-conscious household.