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Aqua Kent RO Malaysia Has The Longest Proven Track Record For Best Products And Services In The Water Industry Market

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Aqua Kent RO Malaysia has the longest proven track record for best products and services in the water industry market. With multiple awards worldwide, you can trust Aqua Kent to provide the best water filter treatment service. From advice to installation, we make sure your needs are provided with professional solutions. We stay on top of the game by being WQA , TUV & SUV certified. Being tried and tested, we’re favored by customers from Residential, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Clinics, Restaurants, Coffee Outlets, Health Spas and more.
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A Quick Guide On Finding The Most Suitable Water Purifer.

Finding a water purifier that’s within your budget and suits your needs can be challenging. Here are 4 functions to consider before choosing one.

Aqua Kent 6 stage penapis air

Nobody Likes Dirty Water!

With toxic chemicals, fluoride and radioactive materials in water sources, rest assured in our superb filtration system.


Say hello to purified clean drinking water with Aqua Kent RO’s 6 Stage Filtration System!


Aqua Kent Air purifiers

Using Japanese Air Purification Technology.

Particles in the air can cause eye irritation, severe coughing and breathing complications. Ensure your home and office is free from air pollutants today!

Under Counter Ro water purifier

SShhh, No one will Know!.

No space to place a water filter? Or don’t like the sight of it? Check out our under-the-counter advanced RO water purifier: KENT Excell +

Under Counter Ro water purifier

Is Washing Your Fruits & Vegetables Enough?

Vegetables and fruits are sprayed with harmful chemicals before they make it to store shelves.

Rinsing isn’t strong enough to make sure they’re clean.

Mineral RO Aqua kent Water filter technology

Patented Mineral RO Technology


To overcome the shortcomings of the water industry’s RO technology, KENT invented KENT’s Mineral RO Technology


Production of water Purifiers Per Month
Purifiers Sold Worldwide
Services Done


Here are some testimonials from our beloved customers using Aqua Kents Indoor & Outdoor Water Filters.

Alizah Fatin

Very good system and service. Have been using their system for 1 year now and just changed the filters. Their Mineral RO System has a beeping sound to remind me to change my filters yearly. As soon as I called them , their certified technicians came to change my filters the next day itself. My grandma and uncles house also have installed a unit and are very satisfied of your services. Thanks Aqua Kent.

Alizah Fatin
Lim Choo

My family loves the Kent Grand plus, it really benefited us. They provided us with very good after sales services and their certified technicians are also well prepared to install at any conditions while maintaining the cleanliness of my kitchen. I seriously would recommend to others not only for their products but also because of their top notch after sales services as well!

Lim Choo
Andrea M.

After lots of research, Aqua Kent seems to be the most trusted and awarded company and that is why I have chosen their purifier. Their design is really different especially the Kent Maxx. Its unique from the rest and its totally hassle free. Its automatic , whereby the filters only need to be changed when its clogged and this is detected by their computer controlled system. Their pricing is also very reasonable compared to others. Great Product!

Andrea M.