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Miracle Water? What 3L of Water Can Do For You and Your Body

With benefits running from your head to your toes, hydration is a sure solution that provides your body with more than enough. A daily consumption of 2 litres of water a day may seem like a lot, but little do we know that it does more than what we imagine for our body. It replenishes us from the inside out.

But what if we stepped up one notch in the amount of water we drink?

Here’s why 3 litres of water may seem like too much, but who’s to say that more of great things are bad for you?

Let’s bare in mind that water comes in so many forms- foods, fruits and your drink content. We tend to not take into account what we put in our systems, but let me share with you the benefits of how drinking 3 litres of water a day has proven to do for our bodies.


Statistics show that 1 in 5 women drink less water than the recommended. But it’s essential to keep in mind that all bodily processes require water as a medium, since water is the solution that flushes out unwanted toxins present in your organs to prevent diseases.

Did you know that natural healing processes that we seem to resort in medicinal drugs could actually be found in water? Doctors all over the world have always asked their patients if they have had enough intake of water, and constant advices leading up to an increased water consumption daily may have slipped our minds from a busy, long day.

But here’s why 3L of water a day is an incredibly miraculous solution for you and your body!


  • Your hair shines more and becomes stronger!

    Water hydrates the body, and along with that, the circulatory system in which it feeds stimulates your hair growth. This serves as a medium for hair follicles to feed off, hence strengthening the roots of your hair to support a healthy, firm hair growth. Who would say no to luscious, long, healthy locks? Oh, and water treatments for your hair are free, too!
  • It prevents your lips from chapping!

    Ladies, and men with chapped lips. Don’t you hate it when you’ve pulled out a brand new lipstick, only to find that it sinks to the creases of the dry flaky skin on your lips? Your long-term worthwhile solution is water! Water hydrates your skin, and ensures your lips stay plumped and smooth throughout the day. Now you can have more worry-free, lipstick options!
  • Prevents ear, nose and throat issues!

    We’ve all been there; waking up from a long night before to find yourself huffing and puffing for air, and letting out two long coughs full of phlegm. It may just be your body releasing trapped bacteria that has entered your system. But did you know that water can actually prevent that from happening frequently? Just 3L of water a day can work miracles, and you get to experience it for yourself!
  • Fresh breath, all day everyday!
    Trust me, we’ve all been there. We wake up drinking everything other than water. One incident turns into the other, and before you know it, it has become an unavoidable lifestyle. But this time, try it with water! A gulp in the morning will lead you to finish your glass in a matter of minutes! With water, you are replenishing your body, and preparing it for all the nutrients it’s going to be absorbing throughout the day. Water serves as a good appetite booster as well as suppressing hunger. Hydrating in between breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea at all, does it?
  • Say goodbye to headaches!

    Yes, you saw that right! Headaches are the major culprit (or should I say, mood blocker) when it comes to going about our days. You wake up with a raging headache and the plans for the rest of your day is put to waste, or you could be going out and not having the best time of your life. Popping an aspirin will only help minimize the pain, but with water, you are ensured to have a healthy mind and healthy life! Water prevents fatigue, which is often the reason why headaches occur. Get you energy levels pumped with no headaches with just 3L of water a day! Progression is better than none at all!
  • Your image in the mirror will thank you!

    We all want that fit, summer body. But with hard work of constantly exercising and eating healthy, water is the main source of intake you should be loading yourself with! Water serves as a great cleanser, and with your vital organs constantly being cleaned and flushed of it’s toxins, it’s able to absorb way more nutrients! This helps with a healthy lifestyle that you have mapped up for yourself; it’s a kickstart and definitely your companion to the very end game. Water is the best solution, and it’s also the most helpful!

    There are so many more benefits to having 3L of water a day constantly. Sure, 3L may sound like a lot of water! But what’s the harm in having more good than bad in your bodies? There sure isn’t!

Kick start a healthier lifestyle today! Remember that the best cures are the most natural, given resources around us!

Have you drank sufficient water today?

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