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SEA Games, SEA the good in water!

At long last, the Malaysian pride and fire in our loins have ignited amongst us as a nation. It’s been 16 years since Malaysia has hosted the SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games which will be branded as Kuala Lumpur 2017.

With events lined up, the fury and pride of Malaysian competitors against other ASEAN countries with exciting activities from land and water, such as ice skating, archery, cricket, cycling, fencing, etc, leads us up to the marking of the deserving champion of the SEA Games. These contestants that sacrificed blood, sweat and tears have lived up to the moment they walk proudly down to receive their medals.



Truly champions, we Malaysians should be glad with our successes. With 145 gold medals in comparison to the second standing contingent of Thailand with 72 gold medals, the championship has never felt more relieving. The deserving contestants efforts have truly paid off, and this is because of all the hard work and effort put into the consistent training.


But how do these contestants prep for their big day?


All the hard work put into training months and even years ahead of the game finally paid off in the end. This is from the meal plans, health ethics and the way the athletes hydrate themselves daily. Hydration is important, and especially with contestants striving up to do their best and exert the best energy they’ve got, it is crucial for them to hydrate.

Here’s why hydration is so important when you exercise.

  1. It maintains blood volume, regulates body temperature and allows muscle contractions to take place. This improves the body’s ability and capability to exercise amongst athletes to prep for their big day. Small steps and exercises enable efficient muscle movement to prevent cramps, too!

  2. Hydration replenishes fluids lost in sweat. With the athletes constantly exercising and pushing their capabilities to the limits, it is essential to replenish lost fluids in sweat. Sweat is produced as a result of removal of metabolic waste from the body, and needs to be replenished in the body to ensure the body regulates itself back to normal after the workout. The body is made up of 70% of water, and with that being said, the importance in replenishing what is lost from the body is very high.

  3. Improves physical and mental performance. It is no brainer that water is an essential of life. The constant rehydration and minerals found in purified water enables the human body to replenish itself to function to it’s maximum capability. A clear mind is a fit body, and the benefits to both the mind and body can help the contestants think positive and prep for their big day. This helps them increase their positive perception of how the exercise feels. Studies have proven that fluid loss equals to 2% of body mass, and this can adversely affect the human positivity towards working out for greater results and stamina.

All in all, the amount of work put into improving their stamina and agility all comes in what they put into their bodies. The main target for this is HYDRATION. Enough water intake a day can really improve how the human mind functions to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle.

However, it is essential to ensure that the water they drink is purified and clean. Clean water supply prevents the contestants from falling sick, hence preventing them from any negative effects such as muscle contractions, vomiting etc. Most athletes value the importance of clean water, hence it is crucial that they install a suitable at home water dispenser that is suitable for their daily consumption. A clean water supply will encourage you to drink sufficient water whilst ensuring your health is maintained. So who would say no to that?

A healthy mind is a healthy soul. A healthy soul is a healthy body. That’s what makes athletes the best of who they can be! But so can you!


Get a proper water system today, and you are on the first steps on having a healthy mind and soul. What are you waiting for?

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