Patented Mineral RO Technology

Under Counter Water Filter


Everyone knows that certain dissolved impurities are harmful to our health. Contaminants like Rust, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Fluoride etc may causes serious illnesses like cholera, hepatitis A & B, jaundice, typhoid and even cancer. They also ruin the taste of water, which is what people often describe as “hard tasting water”. While there are certainly beneficial minerals in the water, there are also plenty of harmful ones that need to be sifted out. Reverse Osmosis is very efficient in removing these minerals, but also washes out the good ones in the process. Thus making purified water taste bland. So how does Aqua Kent prevent the good minerals from being stripped away?

KENT’S Mineral ROTM Technology has 3 main advantages over regular RO water purifiers to keep up with the market’s demands. Firstly, the system uses an innovative TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) control valve which allows the user to control the amount of essential natural minerals present in drinking water. The purified water maintains a pH 7 value and doesn’t have a bitter taste. There are plenty insoluble solids in water like fine sand, clay, dust and mud. TDS is the technical term used to measure how much dirt is present in the muddy water. So long as no mud particles pass through the filter, water becomes slightly cleaner.

  • It retains beneficial minerals from being stripped from the water. Making water taste fresh instead of flat.
  • TDS is a natural occurrence of dissolved solids in water that come from inorganic materials. This includes rocks and air that may contain calcium bicarbonate, nitrogen, iron phosphorous and more.
  • We strictly do not add any minerals or chemicals to the water just for the sake of making it “taste good”. Your health is our priority, and it’s our responsibility to deliver 100% purified, non-additive water.

Secondly, the Mineral RO Technology combines Reverse Osmosis (RO) + Ultra Violet (UV)/ Ultra Filtration (UF) Purification to give you pure, healthy, and tasty water. Here’s the breakdown of the 3 main processes in all Aqua Kent Purifiers:

  1. Reverse Osmosis

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) process essentially removes large harmful particles through small-sized pores. It’s a multistage filtration method that uses high pressure to push water through a semi-permeable membrane that sifts out micro-organisms and minerals.

It’s a common purification technique to filter solid contaminants. However, it also removes essential minerals in the process that makes water taste bland. That’s why Aqua Kent invented the Mineral RO Technology so minerals are retained even after a rigorous RO process.


  1. Ultraviolet Purifier (UV)
    While RO is simply a membrane to catch solid particles, Ultraviolet Purifier (UV) works with a UV light to efficiently eliminate bacteria in your drinking water. Bacteria that could’ve possibly passed through RO’s membrane. When water passes under the Ultra Violet light, the strong UV rays kill bacteria and viruses in the water.

    This step destroys pathogens that RO can’t entirely eradicate. In addition, it retains necessary minerals and doesn’t contaminate the water. Did we mention it’s also eco-friendly for the environment?

  1. Ultra Filtration (UF) Purification
    Finally, water passes through Ultra Filtration (UF) after the Ultra Violet (UV) Light to remove harmful micro-organism. When used in combination with other filters, like Sediment Filter and Activated Carbon Filter, it effectively removes dissolved gases in water. This purification removes bacteria and cysts that can cause serious illnesses. An extra precaution Aqua Kent approved to keep your family protected from harmful chemicals.

Finally as an internationally certified technology, KENT purifiers have the world’s top quality certifications from WQA and NSF of USA. Our technology has been tested by labs worldwide and has passed rigorous examinations to ensure 100% safe-to-drink water for our consumers. Rest assured that KENT purifiers deliver 100% purifier water of the highest standards. Over the years, KENT has won Asia’s Most Promising Brand and Best Domestic Water Purifier Awards just to name a few. The accumulation of awards and accolades reflect KENT’s commitment to quality and proves testimonies of ground-breaking technology.

Aqua Kent also provides amazing after care service. We see to it that our customers are satisfied with the installation on the product before accepting payments. Most of our products come with a 1 year warranty that protects our customers from any additional costs of maintenance and servicing. Out technicians are also experts in the field who knows what’s best during the installation and will advice accordingly so you get the full potential out of your water purifier.

Kent’s Mineral RO Technology produces the best quality water purifiers possible. There is no safer option than Aqua Kent, so call us today to inquire more about our products!