Aqua Kent RO 6 Stage Filtration System

Aqua Kent RO 6 Stage Filtration System

About 71% of the world are water-covered surfaces. However, only a mere 2.5% is fresh water is suitable for drinking. In that sense, 0.007% of water is available for a 7 billion human population to consume. With growing technologies and constructions, it’s no surprise that water is becoming more polluted by the minute. Factories often dump their chemical waste into streams that kills any living aquatic animal. And these chemicals don’t simply evaporate into thin air! To make things worse, water becomes saturated with harmful pathogens, chemicals, impurities and radioactive substances. Once water flows downstream, the intensity of chemicals in the water becomes lesser. However with the constant chemical waste from farming, landfills and factories, it’s hard to stop the immense waste that goes into water.

Oil spilled waters

With so much pollution in the water, how can you be sure that you’re consuming the safest purest water possible? Knowing that water is an essential part to survival, Aqua Kent Grand+ is built with a 6 Stage Filtration System. It ensures all harmful impurities are removed from your drinking water. All of Aqua Kent’s products are constructed carefully with our unique patented Mineral RO Technology. It combines a double purification technique: RO + UV/UF.

Essentially, the water filter uses Reverse Osmosis (RO), a natural process that relies on water pressure to push the water through a semi-permeable membrane. Larges particles are trapped within the membrane, allowing purified water to flow through. UV stands for Ultra Violet (UV) Purification that eradicates pathogens and bacteria with an intense UV light. It doesn’t add any chemicals into your water. Ultra Filtration (UF) Process is an essential method in filtering water once more to produce water that’s similar quality to bottled water one buys in stores.

Still confused? Here’s how Aqua Kent’s 6 Stage Filtration System works to produce 100% purified water that’s trusted by millions worldwide:

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter:
Raw water from the source goes through a Sediment Filter, removing all large suspended particles. These include mud, sand, rust and more. This is the general step to block any large particles from even entering the purification process. It help so that the other filters won’t have to work as hard to purify water. Therefore extending the overall lifespan of KENT Grand + water purifier.

Stage 2 – Activated Carbon Filter: KENT’s specially treated activated carbon further traps chemical pollutants. These include hydrocarbons and foul smells.

  • Activated carbon filters particularly attract organic chemicals in water that make your water taste bad.
  • Every carbon particle has a large surface area that attracts impurities to stick to it, and prevent it from following with the purified water.
  • KENT Grand+ purifier has undergone meticulous lab testing and rigorous inspection to guarantee no chemicals from the carbon filter leak into your water. We are WQA USA certified.

Stage 3 – RO Purification: The Reverse Osmosis Purifier removes harmful substances through a semi-permeable membrane. It removes dissolved impurities like chlorine and fluoride. It’s a common purification technique to filter solid contaminants. However, it also removes essential minerals in the process, making water taste bland. Aqua Kent overcomes this problem by introducing a TDS controller built into the purifier.

Stage 4 – UF Purification: Water is pumped through the Ultra Filtration Purification. UF Purification removes bacteria and cysts that can cause serious illnesses. Keeping your family protected from harmful chemicals.

Difference between RO and UF. 

Stage 5 – TDS Controller: Aqua Kent’s Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Controller retains minerals from being filtered out.

  • Since the Reverse Osmosis process tends to remove most minerals out, our TDS Controller allows you to set how much total dissolved solids you want present in your water.
  • Remember, Aqua Kent does not believe in adding chemicals into your water for the sake of “making it taste good”.
  • Instead, we simply retain what’s best and filter out the rest.
  • Ensuring your water is still packed with beneficial minerals and not harmful chemicals.
Dissolved solids in water

Stage 6 – UV Purification: As added protection, KENT uses double purification by filtering water one last time through Ultra Violet Purification. Water flows under an ultra violet light that destroys pathogens that RO can’t entirely eradicate. This final step is crucial to ensure virus free water for your consumption.


Along with other numerous credentials, KENT has international certificates from both WQA and NSF USA. Rest assured that KENT purifiers deliver 100% purifier water of the highest standards. Over the years, KENT has won Asia’s Most Promising Brand and Best Domestic Water Purifier Awards just to name a few. The accumulation of awards and accolades reflect KENT’s commitment to quality and proves testimonies of ground-breaking technology.

Awards KENT has won


 We’re known for being one of the most affordable water purifier service in Malaysia, while delivering amazing water quality! Not only that, we pride ourselves on our efficient and after-sales service that’s got you covered. We still care about how the product is functioning for our customers, even after we’ve installed it. Reliable, reputable and resilient. Aqua Kent is synonymous with high customer satisfaction rate worldwide.  From start till finish, KENT Grand+ water purifier is priced reasonable at RM1200. This includes the product, installation, delivery and a 1 year warranty. Truly one of the better deals you can find on the market.