Under Counter Water Filter

Under Counter Water Filter


There are some people who dislike the big bulky look of water purifiers. The huge machine sitting on their counter top is simply not a look that their going for. Thankfully, Aqua Kent has many under-the-counter water purifier options available for minimalistic households, or for customers who want to save space. If you’re someone who often clutters their under-sink area with household items you barely use, maybe it’s time to consider KENT Excell+ for that space. Under-counter water purifiers require less upkeep and filter cartridge changes. They are also less prone to wear and tear as they are kept away from open spaces. Thanks to technology, there are ample selections on the market.

Kent Excell Under-The-Counter / Kitchen Sink RO +UV+ UF Water Filter And Purifier.

KENT Excell + built with KENT’s patented Mineral RO ™ Technology. It comes with a Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) Controller that is suitable for kitchens. Basically, a TDS Controller allows you to set the amount of beneficial minerals you want retained in your water. Dissolved solids contribute to the taste of your water. Some minerals like magnesium and iron are good for your body, while others like arsenic and aluminum are bad. Since the Reverse Osmosis process removes all the bad minerals, the TDS Controller simply allows you to retain the good ones! Furthermore, KENT Excell+ comes with a stainless steel tap to ensure the purified water does not mix with unclean tap water.

Stainless Steel Tap

Here’s more detail on how KENT Excell Under Counter delivers water to you above:

  • Since the water is flowing from the bottom, it requires constant pressure from the system to prevent water from flowing backwards as it’s going against gravity
  • Water source is sent through a flexible tube into multiple filters to remove impurities.
  • After that, water undergoes a double purification with our Reverse Osmosis (RO) + Ultra Violet (UV)/ Ultra Filtration (UF) to remove bacteria, impurities, viruses and harmful salts.
  • As a further precaution, KENT Excell+ uses a high-powered 11W UV Lamp to deactivate harmful microorganisms. It’s a step above the regular industry standard 8W UV lamp.
  • After intense purification, the high flow rate delivers clean water to a stainless steel faucet in the sink above.
  • KENT Excell pumps the water against gravity to channel it to the sink above. Never worry about low water pressure thanks to our strong Booster Pump Voltage of 24 V DC

KENT Excell + is set apart for its Smart Design. Smart Design makes it versatile and ideal for modern kitchens. Installed underneath the kitchen sink, it allows more counter top space. It’s also great for attaching to water coolers and refrigerators for water dispensing too. 


Still deciding? Under-sink water filters are great for apartment home owners, small offices and making more space on your counter top. The system is amazing for small spaces. KENT Excell + occupies minimal space to deliver a top notch performance. Along with other numerous credentials, KENT has international certificates from both WQA and NSF USA. Be assured that KENT purifiers deliver 100% purifier water of the highest standards! In addition, here are a few advantages of an under-the-counter water purifier like Aqua KENT Excell+:

  • It stays hidden from the public eye. Making your kitchen appear clutter-free
  • A stainless steel tap is fitted on your sink next to the main tap. This ensures purified water flows out from a separate faucet so it’s not contaminated with other impurities.
  • It’s convenient to fill up water bottles with the slim stainless steel tap. Any spillage flows down into the sink.
  • Due to the large hydrostatic air pressure in the tank below, water is pumped smoothly out of the faucet. You never have to worry about slow, dripping water.
  • Under-the-counter water purifiers have the privilege of occupying the whole area under the sink. Thus allowing for full sized sediment, activated pre-filters and storage tank for maximum capacity and efficiency.
  • It purifies up to 15 liters an hour! This ensures you have water all the time
  • Its 7 liter storage capacity can supply a family even through a short water disruption
  • The membrane type is a Thin Film Composite RO that even the smallest impurities can’t get past.
  • KENT Excell+ is made from ABS food grade material and stainless steel to ensure no chemicals from the body ever leak into your water. Thus ensuring a long life span that’s worth your money.

Kent excell under counter mineral ro water purifier

Look no further for an amazing and quality water purifier service in Malaysia! Aqua Kent holds true to being efficient and providing amazing after-sales service. We are a reputable and trustable brand worldwide with millions of customers accumulated over the years. You certainly won’t be disappointed with a reliable water filter system in Malaysia. With a high customer satisfaction rate, we offer the most reasonable and affordable prices. KENT Excell+ is set at RM1272, that covers the water purifier, installation, delivery and a 1 year warranty.