Say No to Air Pollution with Aqua Kent Air Purifier

Say No to Air Pollution with Aqua Kent Air Purifiers

With increasing pollution in our atmosphere, the Aqua Kent Air Purifiers range cleanses the air with revolutionary “HEPA Air Purification” and “Ozone Disinfection”. So what exactly is a HEPA Filter? It is short for high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA filter). It contains even smaller holes than a primary filter. These holes are simply a fraction of a micron wide, which means it prevents even the finest and barely visible particles present in the air. Since this filter works so hard to filter out dust, it does require occasional replacements to maintain the long-term function of the unit so it does not clog up with dust.

Secondly, Aqua Kent’s Ozone Disinfection works to release ions into your room’s atmosphere. It is a powerful oxidizer and disinfectant. Ozone is basically a type of oxygen that contains 3 atoms of oxygen in its molecule, which regular oxygen in the air only contains 2 atoms. These atoms trap odors and pollutants present in your surroundings to ensure clean crisp air. A high level of ozone is used to kill viruses, bacteria, spores and disable pathogens. You never know where these harmful particles come from. All living things carry around bacteria, thus having an air purifier puts your mind at peace as you no longer have to worry about contaminants.

Having an air purifier drastically improves your standard of living. One of the benefits is that it reduces allergic reactions. If your child often gets allergy reactions like red eyes or flu, there may be pollen present in the air that’s aggravating their bodily functions. Pollen and spores come from plants that disperse their seeds in the air. Furthermore, if your household has rugs, thick carpets or dusty curtains, all these also contribute to allergy reactions. The microfibers tend to wear off after years of usage and get swept away in the air, along with the dust that it has collected. Aside from cleaning rugs and carpets on a weekly basis, consider investing in an air purifier to improve the air quality at home. As for households that keep pets, the long fur tends to shed on a daily basis. These fine hairs often float about which further accumulates dust in the house.

That’s so many factors that affect your air quality, and we haven’t even discussed the overall air pollution such as factory smoke, carbon monoxide from cars and open burning. However, Aqua Kent promises to maintain fresh air in your household. Our air purification process functions in 4 stages that successfully remove 99.97% of particles. Here’s how it works:

Stage 1 – Pre Filter: The pre-filter traps remove large particles larger than 0.3 microns. These include cob webs, hair, dust particles and sand. It ensures that no larger particles flow into the purifier system to prevent severe blockage or reduced efficiency. The filter gets dirty quicker as it does most of the heavy work. So you may have to clean it out after a month’s usage to ensure that your air stays purifier.

Effectively removes 2.5 PM (Particulate Matter) and SPM (suspended particulate matter) from the indoor air.

Stage 2 – Carbon Filter Treatment: With Aqua Kent’s unique honeycomb structure filled with specially treated activated carbon, it further traps chemical pollutants. These include VOC, hydrocarbons, and foul smells. Not only that, this structure increases the life of the filter. A carbon’s wide molecular surface attracts more pollutants to stick to it. The carbon filter binds dust, smog particles and pollen to prevent excessive amounts from passing into the purifier.

Neutralises stale or foul odour in the air

Stage 3 – Antibacterial Coated HEPA Filter: This filter is made with innovative Japanese technology designed to trap 99% of particles that are as small as 0.3 microns! It removes indoor carcinogens like mold, pollen, and cigarette ash particles. As mentioned before HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air filter with a membrane so finely weaved, it prevents micro-particles from entering purified air.

HEPA Filter

Stage 4 – Ionizer: This is where the ozone disinfection technology works to improve the air quality. The ionizer releases electrically charged ions that trap pollutants within the room. Thus, giving your surroundings pollutant-free air.

Along with other numerous credentials, KENT has international certificates from both WQA and NSF USA. Rest assured that KENT purifiers deliver 100% purifier water of the highest standards. Over the years, KENT has won Asia’s Most Promising Brand and Best Domestic Water Purifier Awards just to name a few. The accumulation of awards and accolades reflect KENT’s commitment to quality and proves testimonies of ground-breaking technology.

As well as preserving the life in your household, Aqua Kent’s product wants to bring benefits to your home too! Our products come with a 1 year warranty and amazing after care service as we don’t like leaving our customers hanging after purchases. Call our hotline today, where our informative attendants will give you all the answers you need!