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The World Without Water? How To Ensure Clean Water is Conserved Effectively!

Mother nature has blessed us abundantly with her renewable, never-ending source of water. Humans depend on water sources to rejuvenate, refresh and re-quench their thirsts that come multiple times in a day. It is safe to say that we REQUIRE water to sustain, but just should we start thinking of a world without water?

Despite the availability of water that depends climatic, physical and geographical factors, we tend to neglect the fact that even the world’s most renewable sources can deplete if not properly saved. Water wastage runs at a 95% in our households regularly; we waste about 4 gallons of water from the running sink whilst brushing our teeth, and to put things in perspective, over ¼ of the water in your household is used to flush the toilets.

Now that’s ALOT of water!

Just as impactful to the environment it is to waste water, water pollution rates too have been rapidly increasing on the scale. Ecosystems on both land and water require water, and without it, there will be NO more life. In developing nations, more than 80% of untreated water runs through water systems, polluting our coastal rivers and lakes.

Natural disasters are a consequence of pollution, and to further elaborate, the source of water in which is polluted, is what would be running through our pipes for our very own consumption. The use or intake of polluted water can cause serious deadly health concerns such as cholera and typhoid, at which mortality rate stands at 50-60% and 65% respectively.



A world without water is not going to reduce all these problems, in fact, it’s may just affect humans so much more.

So how are we to protect ourselves from this?



This is a no brainer, we should conserve the source we use daily for our intake and use. It not only protects you, but the entire nation’s water supply. Everyone wins!



The feeling of standing under a shower for ages after a long day may seem like a great idea. But did you know that the water you leave running can cost you the extras on your water and electricity bill? Heaters run on electricity too! Save water and you save both the costs!



Composed of 70% water, it is no shocker that the more water we drink, the more it will benefit our health. Studies show that the intake of water reduces the risks of bladder cancer. A healthy lifestyle and body will thank you later!

Saving water should not only be taken seriously when there is a drought or sudden shortage of water. Every drop of water wasted is a build up of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans depleting.



In essence, conserving water is as important as ensuring the water supply running through your pipes and sinks are CLEAN AND PURIFIED. With a good water purifier put into place, the best water filter for the whole house is the next important step to take to ensure the best out of what mother nature offers.

KENT products ranges from cooling systems to dispensers to water purifiers to help ensure the food you eat, the air you breathe and the water you drink are all purified.

From outdoor water filtration systems, to the convenience of a compact indoor system, water filtration has never been easier. Drinking clean, purified water in the comfort of your own home can be done so much effectively with Aqua Kent Outdoor Water Filtration System and Under Counter Kitchen Sink Water Filter Systems!

The Fully Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Filter 10”50” with steel head.

The Fully Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Filter 10”50” with steel head is highly robust and reliable, Made up of Food Grade Material, it also provides the Function of a Multi Media POE System, utilizing 3 step methods to backwash, rinse and filter your water!







Bottled water dispensers by Aqua Kent RO can be placed all around you household to encourage enough intake of water daily! What convenience that could bring to you and your family!

The Aqua Kent Hot & Cold Water Dispenser K52The Aqua Kent Hot & Cold Water Dispenser K52 runs on fully automated operations, ensuring trouble free operation. It’s elegance is highlighted with its impressive LED indicator. With it’s 4 stage filtration system, and built in SMPS to save energy, providing users with filtered and clean water has never benefited both consumers and the environment more!



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