Outdoor Whole House Master Water Filter System 10" 54 Sand Filter

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Filter Media & Function of Multi Media POE Filter System

Multimedia filtration refers to a pressure filter vessel which utilizes three or more different media as opposed to a “sand filter” that typically uses one grade of sand alone as the filtration media. In a single media filter, during the “settling” cycle, the finest or smallest media particles remain on top of the media bed while the larger, and heavier particles, stratify proportional to their mass lower in the filter. This results in very limited use of the media depth since virtually all filterable particles are trapped at the very top of the filter bed or within 1-2 inches of the top where the filter media particles have the least space between them. The filter run times are thus very short before the filter “blinds” or develops so much head pressure that it must be backwashed to avoid seriously impeding or stopping the flow.

Zeolite Plus (0.45mm) (Australia)

Zeolite has an unusual crystalline structure and with greater absorbing power reduces chlorine taste and odor, meanwhile also removes suspended solids, soluble heavy metals & soluble ammonium.

Anthracite (AN) (USA)

Anthracite absorption and high precision, can remove particles, colloidal impurities, suspended solids, or removing iron and manganese. While trapping the sediments, is the primary function of the carbon.

Silica Sand

  • Silica Sand (0.45mm) – Further trapping of very fine sediment at the surface of fine silicon sand.
  • Silica Sand (1.2mm) – Removes specks of dirt and prevent diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Bihdryia & Amoeba.
  • Silica Sand (2.4mm) – Most ideal use in domestic & industrial water filtration due to high density and the high level of hardness and toughness. It is efficient for removing particles, sediments, mud and suspended solids in the water.

How does it work?



Applications Suitable for Purification of Brackish / Tap Water
Purification Capacity Upto 600-1500 LPH*
Body Material FRP Aqua 942
Mounting N/A
Dimensions(inches) 9″(Diameter) 54″(H)
Required Water Pressure 7 Bar(Max.)
Filter Type Zeolite Plus (0.45mm) (Australia)
Anthracite (AN) (USA)
Silica Sand (0.45mm)
Silica Sand (1.2mm)
Silica Sand (2.4mm)
Auto-Flushing System Auto-Manual
Weight 70.00 kg
Purification Production Rate 62 L/hr.
Maximum Duty Cycle 1500 L/day

Installation, Warranty & After-Sales Service

Installation shall be done free of cost at customer’s premises within Klang Valley only.

Product warranty shall be effective from the date of installation. Warranty coverage period for different parts shall be as under:

Vessel – 10 Year
Consumables like Zeolite, Anthracite and Silica Sand – 1 Year

After-Sales service shall be provided at customer’s premises on demand basis

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